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Chad Clifford Headshot

Meet State Representative 
Chad Clifford


noun - a person who represents another or others

adjective - standing or acting for another or others

Who I represent:  The people who live in House District 37.

I am proud to serve our community!  The first day that I lived in Colorado, I had a sense that "this is it, this is the place..." and I fell in love with the people here.  I believe that it's my job as a politician to strive everyday to make a world that works for everyone – with no one left out and nothing left behind.


I prefer action over words and I'm known for being willing to take on big fights for what I believe makes a difference for people.


Feel free to contact me, I'm not shy about where I stand on issues - and I love talking to people, especially if they offer points and views that I've never considered.  

NOW is the time to talk to me about YOUR issues, I represent YOU! 

I am accessible and engaged –  I will listen to your issues and concerns - no matter where you stand and on any issue.


I ran for office to make a difference for people with real issues that impact the people in our district and our state.  Many candidates can pass the test on "headline issues" but lack depth when pressed to expand or respond.  I am familiar with current issues, current legislation, and have real ideas about how to deal with those issues.

Stay tuned here for legislative updates and sign up for regular newsletters to keep up to date with what's happening in HD37.

Chad Clifford standing with US Representative Jamie Raskin


Effective Leadership.  No nonsense approach.  Hard work. 

Hope must meet reality to effect change.

I have owned and operated a number of successful businesses while holding positions that serve my community through volunteerism and professional endeavors.  I've always joked that "businesses fund my efforts to stay engaged with serving humanity."  For the last 25 years, I've been heavily involved with emergency management and still serve as a Government Operations Lead for the American Red Cross. I also serve as a police officer with departments all over the state as a Colorado Ranger.

Through the years I've served on numerous boards and commissions, and served my party as an activist, organizer, and member of executive boards and committees.

Before serving in the legislature, I was a government lobbyist in Colorado, so I was no stranger to the Capitol, the legislature, and the politics in the building.  This experience let me hit the ground running in a very useful way by jumping right into legislation for areas that concern my constituents. 

I am known for turning chaos into calm and working with teams of people to effect real change.

Chad Clifford working in the Colorado Emergency Operations Center for Wildfire Respose
Chad Clifford with fellow officers at Sheriff Gene Claps Swearing In Ceremony
Chad Clifford standing with the Arapahoe County Democrats Executive Board at Annual Pat Schroeder Dinner
Chad Clifford addressing the Governors Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness during Hurricane Laura
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